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Simplifies your day to day activities with all the assistance you need. Want to go paperless? We have that for you. Want to send appointment reminders? We have it for you.

With cloud technology, you can access your web-based veterinary practice software from anywhere, on any device. All you need is an internet connection to log in.

VETport is the most affordable veterinary software on the market. We strive to make online veterinary software affordable for both small-scale to large scale practitioners. 

  • VETport's Dashboard

Do you face issues because your partner clinics operate in multiple time zones? VETport solves all such issues for you.

free support

Yes. You heard it right. We do not charge for our support. It's Free. It's on us.

easy to learn

Your vet staff can easily learn the VETport's simple & intuitive interface. And if they face any issues, our support is one call away.


The new VETport application is tailor made for your unique practice. It has unlimited customization options.

with VETport you can

  • create emrs

    Gone are the days when papers were used for health records. Now is the time for Veterinary Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).
    With EMRs, you can save the money you would have wasted in paper-based records. 

  • manage inventory

    All the inventories of your clinic can be managed from a single application. It is now easy to perform Veterinary Stock Control - i.e. modify the quantity & price, add & manage vendors, get reminders for actions on inventory, etc. You can get reports & statistics on your inventory.

  • analytics & Reports

    You can get unlimited reports & statistics on everything that is happening in your veterinary clinic. You can get reports on Accounting, Communication, Financials, Marketing & Inventory. With CEOs dashboard, the top management of the clinic can get valuable information on clinic's performance.

  • communicate

    VETport has made Veterinary Client Communication super easy. With multiple modes of communication inbuilt, the clinic can communicate with the clients through Email, SMS, Calls & Internal messages through client login portal. Now clients can easily book appointments online using their phone, tablet or laptop. 

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VETport Explanatory Video

Meet Dr. Bob who Transformed his Chain of Veterinary Clinics by leveraging VETport

vetport is best for

  • Corporates/Group of Clinics
    Corporates/Group of Clinics

    VETport is an enterprise grade software that has been designed to accomodate largest of the veterinary hospitals. There is no limit to the capabilities of VETport's cloud-based platform when it comes to handling huge number of clinics, staff, patients, medical records and inventory. VETport allows seamless collaboration between staff who work from multiple locations. Also, the complexities like multiple time zones & daylight saving time are handled flawlessly in VETport.

  • Veterinary Universities
    Veterinary Universities

    Veterinary universities are different from the usual veterinary hospitals in terms of their requirements from a Practice Management Software.To cater to these special needs of veterinary universities, VETport comes with various customization options. The universities can design their own formats for Medical Records, Exam Forms & Client Communication Templates (Emails, SMS, postcards) using VETport.

  • single/multiple clinics
    single/multiple clinics

    VETport keeps in mind the unique requirements of a Single Animal Clinic. Single clinics need inexpensive DVM software that are easy to use. The other requirements of a single clinic can be Online Appointment Booking, Kiosk Check-In, Boarding & Day care, Accounting & Inventory Management. VETport takes care of all these requirements at the most affordable price. 

    Similarly, managing more than one clinic is a difficult task. The staff of a multi clinic setup usually find it difficult to collaborate their work when they work from multiple locations. VETport takes care of all these issues flawlessly. VETport is the best veterinary software when it comes to managing more than one clinics.

  • Mobile Clinic
    mobile veterinary service

    Mobile practices are very different from stationary clinics. VETport meets  the unique requirements of any mobile clinic. VETport's cloud based application can be accessed from any location, at any time & on any device, which makes it suitable for mobile clinic. Add-on features like DXshoot are specially designed for mobile clinics to be able to take photos & create EMRs on mobile phones itself & add them to patient database. 


    Equine practices are entirely different from normal veterinary practices. We understand the unique needs of equine practices. Hence, we have designed custom made workflow for Health Records, Client-Patient Relationships, Accounting, Reminders etc.

  • Specialty referral
    specialty / referral hospitals

    The specialty hospitals are known for complex healthcare procedures & surgeries. These hospitals are visited by clients with pets who need very specific medical attention. Hence, most of the business of such clinics come from referrals. VETport allows specialty clinics to refer, accept referrals, merge medical reports & collaborate. VETport also supports customization as per the need of the hospital.

People     VETport

  • VETport is a fully integrated veterinary practice management system that allows me to get out of the computer hardware business. When I need help, I contact the VETport support specialist for an online chat at no extra charge – and never have to wait to receive the support I need. VETport is the best software system I’ve ever utilized. Other systems may be bigger, and certainly more expensive, but VETport is hands down the finest practice management system available.

    DR. Michael Trapani
    Bodega Bay Veterinary Hospital,California
  • Hi, Just wanted to drop a note of thanks. We are so happy with VETport. Every day it makes our lives better. Your service and commitment to constant improvement is a breath of fresh air in our culture today. Thank you.

    Dr. Valeri Bobbitt
    Veterinary Medical Arts Center - Cameron Texas
  • The support staff are always available on chat and solve questions or problems very quickly. Every client goes home with an exam form report card that describes each finding with automatically generated explanations. I am very pleased with Vetport they are a quality business that offers a modern, way above average functional veterinary software.

    Dr Kris Muscari
    Dolores Animal Hospital Dolores, Colorado

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